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A dual publication, in both content and form


José Hevia is a photographer who specialises in architecture and design. His impressive career puts him in high demand among the most internationally renowned architectural firms. His work has appeared in some of the most prestigious publications. And on top of all this, José Hevia is a great friend. A friend who, from time to time, surprises us with special, personal projects where stories are told through the camera lens.

Welcome is a unique project encompassing the shared space in a functional building built in the second half of the 20th century in Barcelona. This singularity, this reticulated thinking, is challenged in each case by the home owners who, in a totally random way, adapt and personalise their own front door in the building.

Welcome also offers a dual reading. On the one hand, a book; on the other, a poster. It includes photographs and literary essays by Pedro Azara on the ways in which we inhabit cities. This dualism offers two ways of interacting with the book, two different interpretations, which are both connected yet independent.

Published by Gustavo Gill, Welcome looks to be the first experimental, editorial project focused on a book/object. Pieces that cannot be directly assimilated but rather offer various readings, interpretations and models of editorial production.


Photography by José Hevia