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Counting with letters. Writing with numbers


The twenty-seven letters in the Spanish alphabet are twenty-seven tools for a naming agency. Translating letters into numbers is the key to creating a uniform and interesting system to communicate the agency’s work, i.e., naming brands.

This idea turns out to be a good excuse for writing with numbers or counting with letters. The graphics system is a game in which these two alternatives develop, telling stories and proposing names that aspire to become solidly and permanently rooted in our society.

Due to the project’s low production budget, we proposed a rubber stamp and an application in black ink for the entire identity, with the possibility of using coloured paper to provide variety and vibrancy to stationery, corporate items, etc.

The branding concludes with a symbol that unites the 2 and the 7 from the agency’s name into a single symbol, much like the association of one letter with another to form words we can read and understand and which can be understood on their own terms.


Photography by José Hevia