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A stand-out typography system for the largest skate park in Europe


Skateboarding is closely associated with places where the sun shines practically all year round. Some lucky cities offer the perfect climate for this urban sport, connected to surfing, street art and sunshine: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and... Barcelona. This (last) city, Barcelona, is home to Skate Ágora, the largest skate park in Europe and, unsurprisingly, we took the Barcelona sunshine as our starting point for creating the logo for this urban space.

Taking cues from LA’s typographic street posters from the 60s (when skaters made their own letterpress posters by mixing different letter sizes and weights), the series adapts the language to the modern age with a maverick use of the typeface Druk. The result is a mesmerizing series that combines an expressive and colourful use of typography to create a flexible system promoting the activities of Skate Agora in a coherent brand language.

To create the visual identity of Skate Ágora, we chose a graphic system that salvaged the unique language of street posters, with different typographic weights used in a very natural, sensory and intuitive way, in addition to an unrestricted use of colour. With this approach, we created a very expressive, identifiable and flexible graphic structure in which language itself achieved maximum impact.

Street posters are the fundamental communication format and the expressive possibilities are multiplied through the use of textures, photographs and illustrations. These elements, together with the typography, create a clear, visual message, with an unmistakeable tone that directly taps into the spirit of that whole urban tribe who ride a board.


Copy Joan Alvares


Solo_SkateAgora_01 copiaSolo_SkateAgora_01 copia