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Lateral Thinking

Evolution and change to create memorable experience


Lateral Thinking is defined not by what but by how. Advertising agency? Production company? Event organiser? As they themselves says: "We do amazing things for amazing brands". 

The idea of lateral thinking, inspired by the famous Edward de Bono, is the perfect expression of the way this multidisciplinary team from Barcelona works. With a star-studded portfolio of clients, almost exclusively from the world of culture and urban sport, including Nike, Converse or Sónar, Lateral Thinking works on projects that showcase the heart and soul of a brand, making use of unique spaces and experiences.

Solo worked with Lateral Thinking to help them define their identity, a type of nostalgia for the era of the first large festivals in Barcelona. New technologies and communication systems were incorporated in a very intuitive, natural way, sharing very basic graphic codes that help to create a unique voice. Colour was used to unite a series of elements that not only promoted Lateral's work but also underlined the philosophy that puts them ahead of the field and has earned them the trust of some extraordinary brands.