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An amplified communication graphic system


The Kosmópolis festival is a celebration of amplified literature. Its aim is to showcase the application of audio-visual, digital and experimental formats in the literary world. The festival takes place every two years at the Centre of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB). However, the activities do not stop during the two years between each festival: they continue under the Kosmópolis umbrella as part of an "Ongoing Programme".

When creating an identity for this programme that bridges the gap between each festival, we used the most logical, and even obvious, aspect of the commission. Repetition of the expression "Ongoing Programme" and the replacement of some of these letters with letters from "Kosmópolis" create a typographical play on words where the letters are the star of the show.

This graphic system is simple to pass on and develop, it is self-manageable for an institute like CCCB and makes a good case for promoting other elements, in addition to the continuous programme, which keep the spirit of this initiative alive in the two-year period between each festival.