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IED Barcelona Newspaper

An eye to the future of design, with a format that looks to the past


Each year, the Visual Communication Department of the Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona chooses five of the most outstanding projects in the field of graphic design. These projects have strong conceptual foundations, a solid formal resolution and have stood out across the year for their quality in both these areas.

Solo was asked to design the promotional piece that brings these projects together. The aim was for the IED Barcelona Newspaper to reach some of the most prestigious design studios and agencies in Europe and across the world. In order to reach the maximum number of studios, a printed piece in newspaper format was chosen, which reduced costs and dispelled any design pretensions; letting the content and the winning projects take centre stage.

We opted for a direct graphic system, based on the index that guides us through the projects, paired with extensive use of typography. The project takes us through the chosen student pieces in a logical and orderly fashion, including personal interviews with the creators that let us get to know the protagonists of the year.