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Feuerle Foundation

The visual power of Désiré Feuerle


Désiré Feuerle is a master of the juxtaposition between international contemporary art and Chinese Empire furniture and Southeast Asia sculptures, a particular combination that gives rise to a unique and unrepeatable experience for the audience.

After his success with earlier projects (including a gallery in Cologne, Germany), Feuerle’s most ambitious step comes with the opening of a new museum in Berlin. Housed in a former World War II bunker renovated with the help of British architect John Pawson, the space encourages a conversation between different periods and cultures, offering a new perspective on the exhibited works.

This new project is reflected in a dossier of major proportions, the same in which the works are arranged. The resulting layout is a desired simplicity. The layout juxtaposes modernity and Chinese tradition, classical typography and contemporary asymmetries.

A dossier which serves as the point of departure for a powerful and global project in terms of both concept and imagery.


Photography by José Hevia