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Ciutat Flamenco

A tapestry transformed into the origins of Flamenco in Barcelona


It may come as a surprise to some that Barcelona is one of the world capitals of flamenco. However, some of the most celebrated names in this artistic movement lived and live in Barcelona and, many of them, were born in this province. As such, it makes perfect sense that one of the most prestigious flamenco festivals is held each year in Barcelona.

Each year, the festival adopts a new image. For 2016, we were given the brief of taking a geometric tapestry, by the artist Teresa Lanceta, and transforming it into the visual identity of the festival. After careful analysis and form abstraction, we managed, among many other possibilities, to extract what at a quick glance looked like an "F" for flamenco. This new symbol acted as an umbrella for an identity where the geometry of pure forms is joined by rounded, easy-to-read typography.

In a combination of whites and blacks, keeping as close to the original tapestry as possible, the various pieces were carefully coordinated to work in perfect harmony, while retaining the greatest possible impact on an individual level. 

A new look for flamenco, seen through the eyes of an artist.


Various photographers