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Aceites de España

Contemporary tradition


Some opportunities don’t come along very often and taking part in them becomes inevitable. Working closely with Teresa Helbig, a fashion designer, is definitely one of them. This time around, we were fortunate enough to be commissioned to design the bottles containing the best Spanish extra virgin olive of the year 2015/2016.

The initial concept is as simple as it is convincing; taking the idea of ​​"extra virgin" to religious faith and its most graphical representation: the shawls of catholic virgins. From this initial idea, we worked on extracting the distinctive patterns of the shawls. Then we turned them into a monochromatic graphic system capable of differentiating each of the four varieties: Fruity, Green and Bitter, Fruity, Green and  Sweet, Fruity, ripe and Ecological. The bottle design is then finished with minimal font usage to provide the necessary information.

The result is a sober image that is both contemporary and ornamental as well as a tribute to tremendously antique illustrations. We created a set of four bottles in two different formats. They were destined to the embassies of Spain around the world, to be gifts from the Royal Household or as promotional items from the Ministry of Agriculture and food of Spain. In other words, a limited edition for national promotion through gastronomy.


Collaboration with Teresa Helbig
Illustration by Carles Rodrigo


Dawing process