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Press enquires

All images on this website are available for online editorial use, provided that the link or credit for each one is correctly included. For high-resolution images, requests for information or interviews, please contact:

Lectures and workshops

Solo works with a clear and giving professional mission, and most of our activity has an educational focus. However, given the little time we have available, we can only accept some of the many invitations we receive to offer workshops or conferences. If you wish to get in touch, please write to:

Working at Solo

A while ago we decided we could not commit to working with more designers or students completing internships. As we are a very small team, we cannot devote a lot of the required time to someone working in exchange for training. We love to receive portfolios and check out new talent and people with a passion and flair for graphic design, but we cannot commit to responding to everyone. Any future job opening will be posted on our social media profiles. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Behance to stay updated.

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