Barcelona, 2011

Solo was founded in October 2011 in Barcelona, with the firm intention of creating honest, intelligent and austere projects of design. For almost five years, we have been working believing that the best way to create good design was doing few things, dedicating ourselves to the essential, doing what we do best. In this way, we have developed projects in the field of editorial design and corporate identity for companies and organizations from around the world.

Madrid, October, 2013

El País Semanal marked a before and after in the history of Solo. A project with great public importance, which put us in the world of editorial design as a structure capable of responding to high caliber projects. The summer of 2013 in Madrid, is a turning point in this little story, and is the place where we always return for new and exciting projects.

Older but with the same aim to create projects that do not go unnoticed for the audience. We still have a lot of energy to keep believing that design can be austere, and remain effective. And we are still very excited everytime the phone rings with an idea for a new project. Solo is based in Madrid, Spain, where we still develop projects for clients and institutions we admire and respect, worldwide.

Areas of Activity

Art Direction

Concept Development
Content for brands
Design System
Web Development

Centre for London
El Bulli
El Corte Inglés
El País
Escola de Imaxe e Son
Galicia Calidade
Gustavo Gili
Grupo Prisa
Hearst Magazines
IED Barcelona
Hearst Magazines España
Lateral Thinking

Mercat de les Flors
Nau Ivanow
Phaidon Press Ltd.
Port Adriano
Roberto Verino
Roca & Junyent
Simon Miller
Taller de Músics
Teresa Helbig
Universidade de Vigo

After five years, we have been honored with more than 25 awards in national and international design competitions. These awards are a fitting reward for customers who rely on our ideas, and our way of working. We are extremely happy to have on our shelves some Laus Awards, D&AD Awards and some other acknowledgments. Foremost among these, being the last to arrive, the Gold Laus and Art Directors Club of Europe Nomination to Skate Agora, the project developed for our very appreciated friends of Lateral Thinking.

Lectures and workshops

ÑH, SND Spain & Portugal
Barcelona, November 2013

Manchester, March 2014

Barcelona, March 2014

Blanc BCN
Barcelona, October 2014

Madrid, March 2015

Moritz Students Laus Tour
Barcelona, March 2015

Blanc Festival
Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona, November 2015

Gráffica Awards
Zaragoza, December 2015

Getxo, Bilbao, September 2015

Visible Festival
Torino, May 2016

Blanc Versus
Barcelona Design Museum, October 2016

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