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Skate Agora

January 2017

Lateral Thinking are the people behind Skate Agora, the biggest skate park in Europe. The identity that Solo developed for Skate Agora won a Gold Laus award for the series of typographic, scalar and flexible posters designed using Druk typeface.

The Project

The beginning of the new year, bringing with it new resolutions, and the desire to share the Laus award prompted Lateral Thinking to commission us to make 199 Skate Agora posters with the message “Let’s make extraordinary happen”, personalised for everyone who receives them.

solo_sab_mo_01 solo_sab_mo_02 solo_sab_mo_03

The structure of the poster follows that of Skate Agora, using the expressive typeface. In this case, it is a limited and screen-printed edition where each poster is numbered and includes the name and surname of the person who receives it. This personalisation, carried out in collaboration with the calligrapher Clara Mur, who, in our studio, personalised every single poster in one day while we, swamped with delivery tubes, sealed, labelled and sent them to the recipients.

solo_sab_mo_04 solo_sab_mo_07 solo_sab_mo_06



solo_sab_mo_09 solo_sab_mo_08 solo_sab_mo_13

Purely manual, old-school team work.

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