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We love paper II

August 2016

This is how we spend our money. This is how we get inspired. This is how we spend our time. This is one of our biggest passions. We've been collecting design, photography, fashion or art books for years. These are some of our favorites ones living in our shelves.

Volume 2

Typography/Advertising/Book Design

Max Bill

Max Huber

Stanislaus Von moos, Mara Campana and Giampiero Bosoni

Merz to Emigre and Beyond: Avant Garde Magazine Design of the Twentieth Century

Steven Heller

The Pentagram Papers

Delphine Hirasuna
Thames & Hudson

History of the poster

Josef Müller Brockmann and Shizuko Müller Brockmann

The art of looking sideways

Alan Fletcher

A Smile in the mind.
Witty thinking in Graphic Design

Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart

Tibor. Perverse optimist

Peter Hall & Michael Bierut

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