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El peso de El País. Solo at Blanc 2015

April 2016

It was not the first time at Blanc, it will not be the last. Raul Ramos and David d'Eboli have been organizing for many years the graphic design with the coolest atmosphere of those occurring in Spain, and is the second time we were invited to participate.

This time we were opening the festival, and we wanted to use our time to go through the creation process of El País Semanal, the project that came to light in October 2013. This review was as honest and open as possible, explaining how a project this big is managed in a studio of 2 or 3 people.

A lecture where we had the chance, for the first time, to show how the initial sketches became real final pages. We talked about how we prepare our meetings with clients, and the reasons behind all the decisions we took when designing our most important project so far.


Watch the lecture (spanish) here:


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